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Kurukoth Project

The Kurukoth Temple Project was a Level I designed and built as an assignment in a Level Production Course.

Stage 1 - Concept Art
I started with some concept Art, that I found online

Stage 2 - Bubble Diagram
Using the Concept Art I designed a Bubble Diagram to determine the best feasible way to make this piece a reality.  I had to take into account the resources I had access to, Time frame, and functionality in a video game setting.
Stage 3 - Design
Having Layout the Plan for the Level, I was able to start designing the level on finer level.  I determined the size difference, height variations, and placement of props, enemies, and treasures throughout the Level.  I also designed the general look of certain objects within the level, like the rock pyres that make up the first part of the level.
Stage 4 - 3D Modeling
After Design was done, I had to Model every asset that would be used in the scene.  This also included the models that would be used for decoration like chests, rocks, and plants.  To Accomplish this, I used Maya, a great 3D Modeling program.
Stage 5 - UV Mapping and Texturing
For Every Model I had to make a Texture Set.  Since I was going for a more stylized look for the level, I had to hand paint some the textures to get them to look the way I wanted.  To do this, I used a combination of Procreate, Photoshop, and Substance Painter.
Stage 6 - Mechanics
Not Everything in the scene of course was a static object.  Some things like the Fire Plume Plants, Chests, Lava Flows, and Bridges required more extensive scripting.  For the Lava I used some handy custom shaders that I'd acquired.  The Chests, and Gate required some scripting.  I designed some particle systems for my Lava Plants so that they could spew lava into the air.  The Bridges where especially difficult, but after several different attempts I managed to find a way to make them bow as the player moved across them.
Stage 7 - Lighting and Completion
For a scene like this, lighting was tricky.  I had to use a Post-Processing Bloom to get the lava to glow the way I wanted.  Certain areas needed light probes to help create the shadow for the lava bursts.  Ultimately, the majority of the level was lit using the many emissive materials on the various models.  What couldn't be lit by that would have a point light, to light the area.  The Level turned out wonderfully and provided a great deal of experience in asset production.