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Mechazoic is a student game that I worked on as Lead Environment Artist.  I designed and constructed the full Main Menu of the Game in about 6 weeks and Built the main Arena Level in about 2 weeks.  It has by far been my favorite project that I've worked on, allowing me to specialize in building for Virtual Reality, and push my limits to the max.  Ultimately, there were very few 3D assets in the game that weren't either designed or modeled by me.

Designing the World

In the Beginning, there was a lot of debate about what the world of Mechazoic would look like.  We were told to make a combat virtual reality game based on robotic dinosaurs.  So we couldn't help but wonder, how on earth could such world exist.  Some saw it as a distant world while others saw it as a dystopian future.  When I was given lead over the environment design, I felt like it was important for the players to feel like they weren't just observing this world, but that they were a part of it.  I designed a world filled with giant structures that were appropriate to the scale of the robotic fighters, but also included more recognizable small decorations for the players to see like vents, doors, windows, and fuse boxes.  These told the player that the world was built by people their size.  But the arena was built for the dinosaurs.

Main Menu Room

The Arena Environment